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Hi Jasmine,

My case was both peripheral neuropathy and the central form, Subacute combined degeneration. I have regained a lot of neurological function, can feel most of my feet, have decent balance. At one point I was falling and close to a wheel chair. That is why tjhe BRANDs mentioned are so critical. They are the only ones that so far are predictable at this present time. Good luck. You may have to order from the USA.



You sound like you have paradoxical folate deficiency. Perhaps there is folic acid or folinic acid in the bioplex b-complex or some other supplement(s). You need to be on the 5 star MeCbl, Enzymatic Therapy B12 infusion. and hold it for 2 hours under your lip. You need as much absorbtion as possible. 10mg of ENZY could produce 3mg absorbed in 2 hours, having a superior effect to most injections of that size. Also, you may need to titrate the L-methylfolate until the folate deficiency symptoms go away. Also, for full effectivenss you will need AdoCbl (the mitochondria b12 , allows tissues to be made and makes ATP for energy) and L-carntine fumarate, with microtitration if you have anxiety. Those 4, the Deadlock Quartet, turn on multiple levels of healing with very great success. Potassium needs to be titrated by effect and it may trade back and forth between potassium and l-methylfolate until an equilibrium is reached with all the needs for bboth satisfied. The combination of the 5 star AdoCbl and MeCbl, the other two of the Quartet, potassium, zinc, D etc, also needs 2000mg of active components Omega3 oils.

Also, folic acid, folinic acid, glutathione, NAC and Whey need to be avoided. They can cause problems such that the nerves will be further damaged instead of healing.

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Hi Fred !! i have been following your protocol and so far i’m waiting for my Adb12 and Potassium package to arrive. I would however like to ask you some things that has made me confused.

-so far i was taking 10mg of Jarrow just because i couldn’t return them but now that i am switching to Enzymatic Therapy B12 do i still need to go up to 50 mg per day? -how do you know that you have reached equilibrium? is it when you don’t have any unpleasant symptoms anymore? -is there a limit for both Potassium and Metafolin that would make it dangerous (i’m assuming it’s the same as l-methylfolat?) ?

Thank you so much…all this info means a world to me


Hi Jasmine,

Unfortunately the Jarrow ceased being effective at some batch change point about a year ago. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t fully apparant till I had a relapse in August. At 5mg a day after you add the AdoCbl and titrate the potassium as needed with the Metafolin, and sometims the potassium and Metafolin alternate for a few rounds of adjustments. Then the l-carnitine fumarate needs to be added in. With Omega3 oils etc a lot of healing can happen on 5 levels and maybe 6. The 6th is the CSF/CNS level and if there is a problem getting enough into your CNS for healing, then a 50mg continuous dose of ENZY over 4 hours or so will be a real eye-opener. Each time you notice an effect in the CNS from that you are not yet at equilibrium. A 50mg dose of AdoCbl can also be tried. Because that lasts ever so much longer in the mitochondria you may find that you only need to repeat that one once a month to maintain CNS AdoCbl equilibrium. As long as a 50mg does causes a noticable change, you are not maintaining equilibrium. Some people need that dose once and some need it 3 times a day for healing, less for maitenance. Typical levels of Metafolin for adequacy (no folate insufficiency symptoms) are 800-2400mcg for those with no paradoxical folate deficiency, 6000-8000mcg for folic acid only paradoxical folate deficiency, and 12,000-30,000 mcg of Metafolin (Deplin at 15mg) for folinic acid-vegetable folate paradoxical folate deficiency. The ammount of supplemental potassium is achieved by titrating to effect, usually 2000-3000mg above dietary intake daily for somebody with widespread healing. Equilibrium is reached when the 50mg doses doesn’ty repeat immediate effects and the nerves heal 24 hrs per day. Body equilibrium is reached when a 5mg larger dose makes no noticable difference. MeCbl and HyCbl each have their own body equilibrium and their own CNS equilibrium, 4 possibilities in all.

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